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200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training select weekends

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Reunite with your breath, deepen your practice, rediscover yourself, and make like-minded friends as you become a teacher to yourself and others.

The Awaken Love YTT offers one-of-a-kind 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga and Transformational Arts in the gorgeous Smplfy Studio in Toronto! Smplfy offers us a high vibe, clean and open space to breathe, meditate and practice yoga with beautiful views of the city right next to Trinity Bellwoods Park!

This unique Yoga Alliance approved training allows to share invaluable, ancient technologies for happiness. In addition to becoming a yoga teacher, you will become a meditation guide, and a teacher of love, breath, and relaxation. There is no other yoga teacher training like this on Earth that offers these five transformation practices in one. Learn how easily you can share physical yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa), the yoga of awareness and meditation (Kundalini), and transformational arts including (Reiki and Alchemy).

Do you sometimes feel unfulfilled or uncertain?

Is there a gift within you that you want support in realizing?

Are you ready to peel back the layers and rediscover the joy of being you?

You are not alone, life can be challenging. When you dedicate the time to inner self love, you begin to see that life has a plan for you that is more magnificent and fulfilling that any plan we can make for ourselves.

Each obstacle along your path has been a beautiful gift—a call for you to love yourself even more. Love is the deepest healing of all. Love is the Master Healer. Gift yourself 200 hours of embodying love and compassion while filling your tool box with sacred yogic practices that allow you to relax into wholeness and experience self-mastery.

The Awaken Love Yoga Alliance Registered School offers a one-of-a-kind, 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program with an emphasis on Kundalini Meditation and Transformational Arts in Toronto!

The intention of the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training is not to master advanced asana’s, but to master yourself, know your truth, and align with love. All are welcome, even if you feel you might not be flexible enough to teach yoga, or that you would just want to take the training to deepen your personal practice, this training is for you and will open many doors. As Patanjali said in the Yoga Sutras—we practice yoga to “control the fluctuations of the mind.” The ultimate goal of yoga is flexibility of the mind, so you can remain open to all the possibilities life has to offer. When the mind is flexible the body will follow. This creates the inner space for you to relax into life, and reunite with your breath.

Matt Kahn says that, “Love is the highest vibration, and your breath is your tour guide. Whatever arises, love THAT.”

Fill up with light and practice Awaken Love Yoga with Hillary Faye now:

What graduates are saying about the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training:

“Life changing.”

“When I first started the Awaken Love yoga teacher training, I did not expect that I would be teaching yoga. I did it to take a deeper dive into these sacred practices. By the end of the yoga teacher training program, I had already developed a group of clients and had designed two workshops ready to be shared with the public. I learned I CAN teach yoga.” “I learned so much in 200 hours, we practiced physical yoga, spiritual yoga, and meditations that will last me my lifetime. I paid for the course, but the results are priceless.”

“A spiritual awakening.”

“I now know and love myself, as never before. If you want to get to know yourself on a deep level and have communion with the Divine, the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training shows the way.”

Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a deep breath, feeling supported by many powerful practices that help you soften into love, let go, unravel, and release tension in your body.

Now imagine walking through your day with a deeper sense of connection to your breath, your body, the Earth, and universal life force energy. With this sense of expanded awareness you smell, see, and sense more vividly. You feel open to all life’s possibilities, living through the heart, with purpose.

Knowing whatever challenges you may experience you have access to an inner wealth of resources that you can utilize to uplift yourself and those around you.

Hillary Faye

Your lead facilitator on your journey, Hillary is here to hold a space of love and compassion that will help you relax into wholeness, while offering you powerful tools and practices to experience and embody your innate love and wisdom.

Hillary is an inspirational and down to earth spiritual teacher whose passion for yoga and transformational arts overflows. Practicing and teaching yoga has changed Hillary’s life and she is excited to help you find your inner voice, experience your love, and become the best yoga facilitator you can be.

As a teacher trainer and teacher of teachers, Hillary is here to help you deepen into your own Source Of Unconditional Love- S.OU.L. So you can access all the gifts that always are, and always will be inherent in you through Breath work, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Alchemy, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and much more.

Hillary knows that life can feel challenging at times, and truly believes that our greatest challenges are also our greatest gifts. It was the trauma and abuse she survived from her youth, that inspired Hillary to devote her life to the spiritual path at a young age.

By the time Hillary was 12 years old, she had already lived in 8 states and was told by a Psychiatrist she that she had already experienced more in life than most 45 year old’s.

Through years of deep inner work, she turned her trauma into transformation and now hold space for others to do the same. For over 15 years Hillary has dedicated her life to the spiritual path and maintains a conscious diet, and is free of alcohol and drugs. She has now been facilitating heart-centered experiences of Union (Yoga) for over a decade.

Hillary studied Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, India and Kundalini Yoga with four master teachers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in Los Angeles. Hillary has the highest accreditation available through Yoga Alliance, E-RYT-500, Registered Yoga Teacher with over 2000 hours teaching experience. Hillary is an international Kundalini, Hatha & Pre-natal Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master Teacher and creator of the Awaken Love Registered Yoga School

Hillary has taught yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to thousands of children and teenagers in India, Bali, and across North America. She co-created the Urban Meditation Guide, which has helped over 4,000 people learn how to meditate online. Hillary is an ambassador for Yogi Times and Lole.

Hillary has been called: "A glowing pillar of strength and beauty that guides that way, the light of love consciousness, full of hope, kind and generous"

Originally from Southern California, Hillary currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her inspiring husband, Michael Eisen and little doggie, Miss Bobbles.

Guest Facilitators

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a sacred musician and gifted spiritual teacher. He trained in Chinese Medicine and is 500 hour certified in Hatha Yoga. Darren is a celebrated facilitator and is the headlining musician of the Yoga Conference in Toronto. Darren will offer us his wide array of wisdom in yoga and spirituality. He will gift us a soul awakening crystal bowl sound bath.

Karen Mckinnon

Karen Mckinnon’s passion is to empower people in their evolutionary process, to ignite their full potential. She is certified as an Akhanda (holistic) Hatha Yoga Teacher, and she also teaches Restorative and Yin. Karen is a Psychotherapy student, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher Trainer. Karen will share with us her depth of knowledge of classical Hatha Yoga.

“From the moment I connected with Hillary, I felt embraced by her love. Her warmth, deep passion, compassion and gentleness made my experience in the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany, Italy truly magical.”
–Christina Cardoso

“Hillary has created the most comprehensive yoga teacher training incorporating her extensive knowledge and wisdom by fusing yoga, meditation and many other spiritual tools to take you on a magical, one-of-a-kind journey into your heart. Hillary’s unconditional love, compassion and genuine nature, not only make her a remarkable human being, but an invaluable spiritual teacher, and life-long friend. Hillary’s beautiful, pure soul shines through in everything she did as she motivated, empowered and inspired me to transform my life with love!”
–Kiera Dengate

“Hillary makes one feel so special, she infuses the teacher training with little touches that go a long way in making one feel seen. This is because she truly does SEE you. I highly recommend The Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training program, you will walk away having awakened to the love inside of you. She did this for me.”
–Sandra Pozzobon

“Hillary’s ever-present flowing love is abundant as she facilitates, teaches, holds space for learning, and opens complete universal guidance to flow through the entire process of her 200 hour yoga teacher training. I am grateful that Hillary has continued to support and help, assist and teach me all the time, even after the training!"
–Vanessa Iannucci

"Hillary has been my guide, my inspiration, and my greatest teacher of all. I am forever grateful for her presence along my path, she helped me start living the life of my dreams!"
–Sara Sanguino

"It was a great experience, I came into this yoga course not knowing what to expect since I never took yoga before. Everyone was very supportive. Hillary is very knowledgeable and caring teacher, ready to help anytime. We touched on so many aspects of yoga not just the physical part which is very important since yoga is a union of body and mind. Thank you again, Hillary, for making me a better teacher and a better person!"
- Susanna Yampolsky

"The Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training is like no other, the curriculum is unique and allowed me to find my own voice and style during my training because we were taught a variety of tools in addition to Hatha Yoga, such as Kundalini Meditations, Reiki, and how to build our own workshop. Hillary is a loving force, yet gentle, and supportive while she teaches, the only pressure I had was the pressure I put on myself, she allowed me to grow and blossom on my own time, and for that I'm so grateful for her teachings."
- Julienne Diva

"The Awaken Love Yoga Teacher training is valuable for so many reasons. Hillary herself is such a incredible person that just being in her presence and learning anything from her is very powerful. She has created a program that has so many life enhancing tools and teachings. At every weekend training, I learned something valuable for teaching yoga AND also left feeling so connected to myself. The energy of the program and Hillary make it possible to learn how to teach Yoga in a supportive environment while at the same time changes your life on a personal level. It is truly a remarkable experience and one I am so grateful for. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to teach yoga, but more importantly I would recommend this to anyone looking for inspiration, self-love, and a reminder of the goodness that exists inside of them. Thank you Hillary for all of the love, time, and devotion you put into making this course so incredible; it does not go unnoticed and it is so appreciated."
- Meaghan Sittler

Experience community and support in this intimate training that will empower you to spread your light and message to the world.

This unique training provides business and marketing preparation including guidance on finding your inner voice, honing your personal gifts, and building your brand. Acquire knowledgeable advice on building and marketing your own unique yoga business so you can help the world receive what you have to offer.

Gain tools, practices, and meditations that will bring clarity around your soul’s purpose and learn how to clear blocks that are in the way of you living in purpose, and creating abundance as a yogi. You are worthy of living the life that is in alignment with your truth!

Join a community of like-hearted people, and receive continued support every step of the way.

The Awaken Love Yoga School is registered and accredited through Yoga Alliance, the largest international non-profit certifying body for Yoga Schools. You will be eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) though Yoga Alliance upon completion of the training.

Graduate testimonials

“The training was much more than I expected, the loving care I was given as I honed my skills as a teacher and deepened my personal practice helped me find a deep passion for teaching yoga that I don’t think I would have found in this way anywhere else. This training awakens through yogi practice your self-love and your capacity to love other people.”

“My personal practice is more present than ever, my every cell has changed from the powerful tools and commitment of the teacher training, my breath and thoughts are more in “yoga”. I am over pouring with love, kindness, and abundance, I feel as though I am radiating it out to everyone, as my cup runith over!”

"Awaken Love Yoga teacher training will absolutely transform your life!! Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am to have taken this training.”

Become an Awaken Love Yoga and Meditation Instructor!

  • Discover your true voice

    learn how to create
    your own teaching style.

  • Delve into the study of Yogic philosophy

    and lifestyle.

  • Learn about Yoga anatomy

    and the body’s energy systems including the Chakras, Nadis, Vayus, and the Kundalini.

  • Learn how to use tools of alchemy (transformation) to clear, ground, and call in energy.

    including becoming certified in Reiki Level I, and how to use tools of alchemy to clear, ground, and call in energy

  • Learn how to teach Asana

    Teach yogic postures in a way that is safe and effective for all different types of yoga practitioners with focus on proper alignment.

  • Become a meditation teacher

    and learn how to facilitate guided and Kundalini meditations. Learn how to teach Kundalini Pranayama (breathing exercises) and select Kundalini Yoga Kriyas.

  • step
    into your

Take time to breathe, deeply relax, love yourself, and acquire new knowledge and skills that can be applied to create a life and profession of your dreams!

Required reading during the training

  • Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens

Recommended reading

  • Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - translation and commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by H. David Coulter
  • Whatever Arises Love That by Matt Kahn

Special Bonus Gifts Included When You Register:

  • Receive a discount card, a top of the line GLOW yoga mat and an additional special gift from our sponsor Lole! The glow mat is PVC-free, chloride-free is thick and supportive, and has an adhesive surface that grips the floor so you can get grounded in your poses.

  • Benefit from Awaken Love’s depth of resources! Receive a one-of-a-kind 300 page comprehensive binder filled with breathing exercises, meditations, enlightening philosophy notes, postures, proper alignment, cues and anatomy.

  • Our bonus gift to you to start your energy healing practice- Reiki Level I Certification and Attunement! ($300 value) Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. During this empowering day for you learn- Reiki meditation, history, principles, ethics and uses. Learn how to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others.

  • Receive over $500 in
    FREE bonus gifts!


The Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training
is $3300 (plus HST)

– Payment plans are welcomed, you can pay 10 payments throughout the course of the training!

You will receive more then training's in one including: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Guided Meditation, Reiki Level I Certification, Alchemy training and more, saving thousands of dollars.

Space is limited in these intimate trainings!


Our home for the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training is Smplfy Studio—a first of its kind studio in Toronto which offers △ Sound Healing △ Yoga △ and Meditation.

Smplfy offers us the space to practice in a high vibe, clean, beautifully renovated open studio with lots of natural light, views of the city and the CN tower, a two-minute walk from the vibrant Trinity Bellwoods Park. On nice days we can go ground and have lectures or practice in the park!

Smplfy is well equipped with all we need to be comfortable including bolsters, blocks, blankets and more.

There is an affordable full day rate in the parking lot right next door and the street car stops less then a block away from the front door of Smplfy.

You can always bring your own lunch to class but there is also an Asian fusion vegetarian restaurant right across the street: Cafe 668 and Fresh Vegetarian restaurant on Crawford is ten-minute walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The Awaken Love YTT at Smpfly holds the energy, intention and invitation for you to Simplify, so you can return to love and come back home to what is true for you.

Apply Now

Divine transformation comes when you make a big commitment to yourself—to living your best life, here and now.


Receive a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification with emphasis on Vinyasa and Kundalini Meditation. And, with your bonus you will receive a printed Usui Reiki Level I Certificate.

During this foundational program you will deepen your practice, expand your understanding of yoga and learn how to teach.

Experience the essence of yoga through breath, mantra, meditation, asana, philosophy, and deep relaxation. Gain insight and feel into your body’s energy systems including: the chakras, nadis, vayus, gunas, and the kundalini. Learn about the history and ethics of yoga, western anatomy, the 8-limb path, and the art of teaching in a powerful, accessible, and heart centered way.

This unique training allows you to teach people where they are, sharing with them the physical yoga, the yoga of meditation, and the many benefits of the transformational arts.

“My experience in this training was phenomenal! I left the course being fully confident in my skills, having created my own two hour workshop, and having my own tools that make my classes memorable! Only one month following my graduation I had set up my own classes at a few yoga studios, then was brought in to teach for special events, and now have taught for over 100 people groups, I've taught at camps, overseas retreats, private one on ones, and in schools with kids! Hillary is an exceptional teacher that I must continuously thank!”

–Luciana Santaguida Singer, Performer and Graduate of the Awaken Love YTT in Toronto, Canada 2014

“You cannot call this just Yoga Teacher Training, it is so much more. This experience has awakened my heart, mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful for this incredible gift.”

–Christina Cardoso, Business Woman and Graduate of the Awaken Love YTT in Tuscany, Italy 2015

"Awaken Love is the perfect name for this training program. It is so much more than just learning the basic fundamentals of yoga teaching. The experience really did awaken something in me: self-love, love for others, self-confidence and a renewed passion for life. Hillary is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to everyone who gets the chance to learn from her. I would recommend this program to anyone whether they are looking to become a yoga teacher or just looking for inspiration and purpose in their lives."
- Angela Brutto

"I have grown tremendously in the last 10 months and beyond through this training. I have found the seed to my truth, I have spoken up in my own life, and I have felt free to make the choices that only I want to make. It helped that I was surrounded by angelic individuals in this training, each one special and impactful in their way. But something tells me that this training naturally attracts people together that are meant to meet, and that each subsequent training will find itself bonded by universal law. You will always feel accepted in Hillary's class. If you've been thinking about a training, do not look any further."
- Teresa Valiquette

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Morning Herbal Tea (optional neti-pot nasal passage cleansing)
Pranayama & Meditation
Asana Technique and Practice
Shavasana & Meditation
Lunch Break – One Hour
Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Anatomy
Snack, Rest Break
Teaching Methodology
Asana Practice / or Practicum (Practice Teach)
Pranayama, Meditation & Shavasana
Reiki (pronounced “Ray’-Key”) is a Holistic, light touch, energy-based modality that establishes normal energy-flow in the body, enhancing the body’s innate ability to be in balance. Reiki is love.

As part of the evolutionary arts component of this Yoga Teacher Training you will receive Reiki level 1 Attunement
Hatha is the union of sun and moon. Hatha Yoga is physical yoga, the yoga of asanas (physical postures), and is the most widely popularized form of Yoga. It is the form that nearly every style of Yoga taught in the West is derived from.
Many describe Kundalini as the coil of the hair of the Beloved. The Beloved is God, Spirit, the Universe- whatever you want to call it. The Kundalini is that piece of God, Spirit, and the Universal Intelligence within.

Kundalini means "the curl of the hair of the beloved" and yoga is union. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan works fast to give you the experience of the fruits of yoga. It is a high science designed to awaken the full potential of human consciousness in each individual and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. This practice simply changes you from the inside out and makes you want to be a better person and live a more heart centered life.
Many people who sign up for a yoga teacher training have no intention of ever teaching – rather, they are ready to create a big change in their lives and/or are looking to deepen their personal practice. So whether you think you want to teach yoga or not, this training is about you: opening your heart, accepting yourself more fully and living the life you dream of. Taking this time to devote to loving yourself will open many doors in your life.
Yoga and meditation are designed to control the fluctuations of the mind. The true goal of yoga is to become flexible in the mind, what the mind does the body follows. This compassionate training is designed for those who seek to be in union (yoga) with all of who they are. Cultivating strength and flexibility are a few of the many benefits of the sacred practices we will be experiencing.

If you are interested in this life-affirming training

E-mail: with any questions you may have or call 1-647-921-7444! We would love to hear from you!